1. All Grant Applications must be received by July 15th of each calendar year, and are generated online via the application system available on the Near & Far Aid website. Only complete applications submitted by this date will be considered. An e-mail notification of receipt of the application will be sent to all grant applicants.
  2. Please review our Grant Guidelines. If your grant request meets these guidelines, please email GrantInfo@nearandfaraid.org to receive a user id and password. If you already have a user id and password from a previous grant application, you do not need a new one.
  3. Once you have obtained your user name and password, click on the Grant Application link to go to the login screen. Enter your user name and password to access the application form.
  4. Please fill out the on-line application in its entirety and Post-Grant Evaluation if funding was received the prior year (or for the year of your most recent funding).
  5. For a grant application to be complete and to be considered by the Projects Review Committee it must include the following:
    • a 501(c)(3) letter
    • audited financials not more than six months old including the accountant’s management report (audited financials more than six months old will require a submission of current financials).
    • Applicants with annual revenues under $500,000 who do not have audited financials must submit a compilation or review of their finances for their last fiscal year conducted by a Certified Public Accountant together with the accountant's last Peer Review letter. These applicants must also submit their 990 filings for their last fiscal year.
    • an IRS 990 form
    • a current program budget
    • a post grant evaluation, for the most recent grant, if the agency was a previous grant recipient
    The first four items must be uploaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of the application entitled "REQUIRED SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS". The post grant form is accessed by clicking on "Edit" button to open your current Application form. Scroll to the bottom of the form just above the "submit" button. Locate the question that reads "Post Grant Completed?". Just to the right, is the link (in green text) which opens the Post Grant form.
  6. Our application requires that you scan and upload the above referenced documents as electronic files. Please scan these documents so their size does not exceed 1-2 MB. Do not attach newsletters or additional documents.
  7. Once your application is complete and submitted, you will receive confirmation by e-mail.
Application Tips
  1. The user name and password are case sensitive.
  2. All fields must be populated for the form to be submitted. If you do not have data to enter in a given field, please enter “n/a”.
  3. The Post Grant Evaluation form is accessed by clicking on “Create Post Grant Form” in the “Grant Information” section of the application form.
  4. Our system does not accept apostrophes in file names when one is trying to upload a document.
  5. We accept supporting documents in Word, Excel or PDF with the corresponding file name extensions .doc, .xls and .pdf.
Review and Notification Process
  1. Grant applications are reviewed on a monthly basis, beginning in September and ending in June. Grants are reviewed by category. These categories are: Adult Education and Job Training, Educational Opportunities for Children, Aid to Children, Elderly Care, Aid to Families at Risk, Aid to Adults in Crisis, Community Health Services and Aid to the Homeless.
  2. If your grant request meets our guidelines, you will be contacted by a Board member for review before June.
  3. You can check the status of your application anytime by viewing the “Workflow and Tracking” section of your application form.
    • Sign on to your application
    • Scroll to the bottom to view the "Workflow and Tracking" section
    • Important information available here includes:
      • Application Review Deadline (date by which a site visit will be conducted)
      • Board Decision Date
      • Application Status (Approved/Denied)
      • Final Grant Amount (if approved)
  4. Notification of approval or denial will be made on a rolling basis throughout the Near & Far Aid granting cycle beginning in September and ending in June.
  5. Grant requests are funded by Near & Far Aid on or about February 15th and June 15th.