Near & Far Aid, an all-volunteer fundraising and fund granting organization, is dedicated to eliminating the causes and effects of poverty in Fairfield County.We accomplish our mission by finding and funding programs that provide life’s most basic necessities, as well as those that seek to achieve lasting change.

Our 28-member Board personally visits and evaluates over 130 non-profit agencies that apply for funding each year. We analyze the relative value of the programs and the financial health and operating efficiency of the organization. Once we allocate funds, we maintain a hands-on approach, keeping in touch with these agencies through follow-up visits, conversations and written evaluations. Our thorough reviews ensure that contributions from our donors make the greatest impact possible. We fund innovative new agencies, well-run established organizations, plus some small but highly effective grassroots agencies that are making a positive difference in the lives of thousands.

In 1946, a young naval officer’s wife named Jeannie Fay started the Near & Far Aid Association as an emergency aid effort to help European widows and children affected by World War II. For several decades, Near & Far Aid raised funds to support its work through a single annual event run completely by a handful of volunteers.

More than 60 years after its inception, Near & Far Aid remains an all-volunteer effort. Read more

We seek innovative approaches and productive partnerships to better the lives of many. Join us.